What Our Parents Have to Say:

We asked the parents of our students what they liked the best about EES as well as what would like other parents to know about the school. Here is what they had to say. . .

What do you like best about EES?

“The combination of a world class academic curriculum, plus awareness of God that is taught”

“They have kind, considerate teachers that really care about my child & his education.”

“I like the small class size and the individual attention each child receives”

“The family-like atmosphere”

“Smaller classes and more focus on individual learning”

“I like the sense of community the school fosters by providing opportunities for students and parents to engage in meaningful projects that help increase our awareness of the needs of others.”

“Smaller classrooms, more one-on-one learning, and community involvement”

“The individualized attention provided & the small class sizes.”

“First is the focus on being a Godly person. The attention she receives is very important. I want a safe environment with minimal distractions”

“The Christian environment, smaller classes, and dedication of teachers & staff.”

“Structure. My children enjoy going to school.”

“I love the different languages being taught in every grade. Dedicated teachers, cross-country, soccer – and every other opportunity provided.”

“I like the continuity my child has had 2 years in a row with her teachers”

“Closeness of the students, great education and the community involvement”

“I love that EES faculty partner with parents as a team to help your child learn & grow.”

“The family-like atmosphere and how the teachers spend a lot of time with students.” Also, project-based learning – EES has many special programs and events for students (e.g., Science Center, Halloween pumpkin carving).”

“Small class sizes.”

“The teachers! The small class sizes, the sense of family, the quality education. I can’t narrow it down to one thing!”

“EES is worth every penny. As a single mom, private school tuition is a sacrifice. However, out of all the investments I could make, investing in the education of my child pays the highest returns! EES is Danville’s best kept secret. My son has grown – and continues to thrive – in this environment.”

“We are very happy to see our daughter excel in reading.”

quoteopenI love that EES faculty partner with parents as a team to help your child learn & grow.quoteclose

– EES Parent